Emmer to discuss vision on Monday

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Emmer will outline his “vision for governing” at an event on Monday night. An invitation says the speech will “go beyond the talking points and press releases to discuss the principles Tom will use to make decisions as governor.”

Emmer’s event will counter Marty Seifert’s claim that Seifert is the “policy candidate” in the race. Seifert released a list of policy proposals on issues ranging from the budget to agriculture to transportation.

GOP delegates will meet on April 30th to back a candidate. Both Emmer and Seifert say they’ll drop out of the race if they don’t win party backing.

Here’s the schedule for the Emmer event:

Emmer’s Vision for Principled Leadership Speech

Monday, April 19

8:00 – 9:00 pm

Metro State University

Saint Paul Campus

Great Room

700 East Seventh Street

Saint Paul

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