Emmer puts record above pledge card

State Rep. Tom Emmer, a Republican candidate for governor, is firing back at his chief rival on the issues of taxes.

When it comes to signing pledges to oppose tax increases, Emmer is telling his supporters that his word is his pledge. He posted information on his campaign Web site today in response to Rep. Marty Seifert, who appeared at a news conference Tuesday to sign a Taxpayers League of Minnesota Pledge.

Emmer did not sign the pledge. But he pointed to his six years in office voting against tax increases serves as his pledge to the taxpayers of Minnesota. Emmer also accused Seifert of inconsistency on the issue of signing such pledges.

Emmer and Seifert are widely viewed as the frontrunners for the GOP endorsement, which will be decided at the Republican state convention April 29-May, in Minneapolis.

  • johnny Northside

    Emmer should man up and sign the pledge. I’m sick and tired of empty words from politicians like Emmer. Let’s see him put his word down on paper. I’m sick of this lawyer speak from Emmer.

  • Jeff

    Emmer is just a smooth talking show horse. I’ll support a workhorse with a record of leadership and accomplishments.. and a plan to move Minnesota forward. its to bad that Emmer doesn’t want to do Minnesota’s “homework.” Go Seifert!

  • Gipper

    If Emmer were to flip-flop like Seifert on this issue, that would make me trust him less, not more.

    People don’t need Emmer’s signature on a piece of paper to know where he stands on the issues. His record, integrity and political courage speaks for itself.

  • tony

    Marty has signed and broke the pledge in the past. Why should we belief him this time? He is clearly only signing it out of desperation. I will just my candidate on their record, not a pledge they have already broke once!

    Phil Krinkie is letting Seifert use him for political gain and in doing so making a mockey of the tax payers league.

    Record shows Tom Emmer has had 100% rating from the league the past 3 years. During that period, Marty’s rating has been in the 80s and he voted for the 2007 Renewable Energy act- Minnesota’s version of Cap and Trade!

    Johnny Northside, I hope you’ll do some research

  • John Anderson

    Emmer supported double digit property tax increases instead of cutting spending.

    This guy is supposed to be a conservative candidate? The Dems will have a field day with this guy.