Emmer and Seifert slam

Republicans Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert squared off on MPR’s Midday today. The main news is how both Seifert and Emmer support an Arizona style immigration law in Minnesota but they also discussed the state budget, tax cuts and the appropriate size of state government.

Listen to the show here:

Update: Seifert releases his policy paper on immigration.

  • George Hayduke

    Well, that should resolve any questions about how “moderate” Marty Seifert is. I’m sure Pawlenty won’t be far behind with his “appeal-to-the-basest-base” stamp of approval.

  • Actually, I thought the best question came from Gary when he asked about fixing the budget and … if I heard it correctly … Mr. Emmer said that he thought a 1/3 cut was possible … from 60M to 40M … albeit over time … but that has more signficancy than the AZ story.

    Also, just curious but it seemed that when I listened to round 1 of the DFL candidates (Thissen / Marty / Entenza / RUK) that Gary was able to take more questions from callers … did Gary have more questions … or did the phone lines not light up … or did the candidates just provide such entertaining (and long winded) answers that there was not room.

    Overall, if these two were fighting so harshly, it makes me wonder how vocal the winner will be when they debate outside the family. The other great question that Gary asked was about difference between the candidate and Governor Pawlenty … they didn’t have any to offer … but based on how they would “reshape” government, there certainly should have been some.

    It was great theatre … THANKS for airing it.