Candidate reaction from 1st ballot

Tom Emmer said “it was a good first sign” that he received support from 53% of the convention. When asked if he would win on the 2nd ballot, Emmer joked “i’m not a handicapper. I’m a singer and a dancer.” Emmer’s campaign chair Mark Buesgens said he doesn’t think he’ll clinch the endorsement on the 2nd ballot but said Emmer is sure to pick up support.

Republican Marty Seifert said he’s optimistic that he’ll pick up support now that Phil Herwig and Bill Haas are backing him. Seifert also said there are few Emmer supporters who promised to back Emmer on the 1st ballot but are inclined to back Seifert on the 2nd.

“Tim Pawlenty was down on the 1st ballot,” Seifert said when asked if he’s concerned about Emmer’s lead.

Seifert said the results from the 2nd ballot will be critical to his strength at the convention.

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