Barden launches campaign for attorney general

A lawyer and psychologist from Edina says he’s running for attorney general as a Republican.

R. Christopher Barden launched his campaign today (Wednesday) to challenge DFL incumbent Lori Swanson. Republicans have been critical of Swanson for not joining a lawsuit against the federal government over the health care reform law. Barden says that’s one of the issues that convinced him to run for attorney general.

“Where’s the legal precedent for the government mandating, coming into your home telling you that you have to buy a particular product?,” Barden asked. “ether it’s health care or whether it’s a car or certain clothing, that’s never happened before.”

Barden said he was not a politician and had never before run for a major office. He later told reporters that he made un unsuccessful run for a state school board seat in Utah.

DFL party officials say Barden is a paid witness who doesn’t have the background needed to be attorney general.

  • Chris

    He’s running a down-ballot race, and yet doesn’t have a “-son” affixed to his last name? What odds do you give this guy of beating Sharon Anderson in the primary?