Bachmann and Palin draw praise, criticism

Apparently there’s nothing like a Michele Bachmann-Sarah Palin get-together to fire up people on both sides of the political debate.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is scheduled to attend Bachmann and Palin’s rally in Minneapolis this afternoon, is defending the 6th District GOP congresswoman and trying to raise a little money for his federal PAC.

He sent out this e-mail:

Michele Bachmann is under attack from extreme liberal activists for standing up for her Constitutional conservative principles. Michele has a proven record of promoting free markets, questioning the encroachment of the federal government, and refusing to accept that government officials in Washington should make decisions for everyday Americans.

I founded Freedom First PAC in order to support candidates who will promote these conservative principles to ensure a strong America for future generations. Michele Bachmann is one of these proven conservative candidates.

DFL U.S. Reps Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum will be at a noontime rally at the Capitol sponsored by the AFL-CIO to counter Bachmann’s events. As we noted here earlier this week Ellison is also trying to raise campaign money around the Palin visit.

Bachmann’s potential November opponents are also taking note of Palin’s visit. Maureen Reed, who intends to run in the DFL primary in August, let her campaign manager do the talking:

“Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann’s ‘let them eat cake’ mentality is just out of touch with the district and does not serve the interests of the people,” Jason Isaacson, Campaign Manager for the Reed Campaign said.

“Assembled in Minneapolis today are two of the authors of many of the worst deceptions from the past year’s health care debate. Not only are they unrepentant, but they have been emboldened by the national coverage and the year of delays before comprehensive health care reform was past.”

And state Sen. Tarryl Clark, who won the DFL endorsement to run against Bachmann, spent some time in Stillwater this morning to note that Bachmann has been spending a lot of time outside the 6th District. Here’s part of what her campaign said:

While Clark works for the people of the 6th District, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann continues to pursue her own agenda – at the expense of the people she was elected to represent. Instead of working for her constituents, Michele Bachmann will take the stage in Minneapolis for a rally and big-ticket fundraiser with her friend Sarah Palin.

This rounds out a Congressional recess which Bachmann has spent traveling the state and the nation – with stops in Iowa, Florida, and Duluth, Moorhead and Rochester, Minnesota – promoting her own personal agenda while virtually ignoring her District and the constituents she represents.

  • there has to be voters in the 6th district that can see through this Bachmann media-addicted megalomaniac monster that she is- she’s so against Wall Street that she would let them & their big banks , insurance , drug, oil,energy companies run ROUGHSHOD over consumers the “little people” she fakely claims she cares so much about! She has Grand Canyon of a vacuum inside her braindead head & galavants all around the USA while leaving her own district in the dust, wasting her time promoting her ridiculous,radical congressional antics!