Transition time for Entenza

DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza is officially setting his sights on the Aug. 10 primary election.

Entenza has frequently said the door was open for a primary run if other candidates were doing the same. His campaign manager, Dave Colling, said today that the transition to the primary has begun.

“We are now currently looking at our primary election goals and moving toward contacting our primary election voters,” Colling said. “We’re moving onto the next step and making sure we’re ready for what’s coming up.”

Colling explained that Entenza’s focus and message is moving from DFL convention delegates and alternates to the broader voting public. He insisted Entenza will still participate in the state DFL convention next month and will have a “good number” of delegates.

DFL candidates Mark Dayton and Susan Gaertner are also running in the primary.

  • Karl

    This is news–that Entenza is now calling from a different voter list? Entenza has said all along he was running in a primary. Why doesn’t he just stay home and count Lois’s UnitedHealth stock option millions and quit pretending he cares about the endorsement process.

  • Johnny


    Jealous much?

  • dyna

    Kudo’s to Entenza for being upfront about his primary plans. That’s more than can be said for Thissen who’s already focusing his campaign beyond the delegate pool and R.T. whose staff keeps him in the news statewide virtually everyday.

  • Chris

    I still think Entenza is delusional about his prospects.

    Ya hoid it here foist… 😉

  • Tom Scheck

    To be clear, Paul Thissen says he will abide by the DFL endorsement. He told me that again today.