The Daily Digest

DFL legislative leaders revised a $1 billion bonding bill to include some key items from Gov. Pawlenty’s wish list but a House Republican says it’s likely to be vetoed. The Pi Press and MPR have stories.

The main sticking point? Funding for a Moose Lake Sex Offender expansion.

MPR reports the blueprint includes a spiritual center, a craft room, a recreation area and a library.

A budget shortfall leads state mental health programs to cut 200 positions.

Gov. Pawlenty is going to visit sandbagging operations in Moorhead. He wrote a letter to President Obama requesting a flood declaration.

Racino gets a hearing today. The Pi Press says it’s unlikely to become law.

Donors to Haiti relief get an early tax break.

A committee advances the Lake Vermilion park plan.

The state is considering tougher copper-nickel mining rules.

North Dakota’s Attorney General is scheduled to meet with Gov. Pawlenty to urge him to change a state law that makes North Dakota coal-generated electricity more expensive.

A DWI penalty bill is approved by a House committee.

A report on the mortgage interest deduction stirs up controversy.

A bill introduced this week aims to improve the air quality at hockey arenas.


The U.S. Census spends millions on a letter to notify citizens that the census is coming.

President Obama proposes an anti-fraud measure in government health programs.

Abortion is the remaining hurdle in the health bill.

Vice-President Biden condemns Israel’s plans for new settlements.

Israel’s Cabinet Minister apologized.

House Democrats want to limit earmarks.

Democratic Rep. Eric Massa of New York is being investigated for groping male staffers.

Massa also implodes on Glenn Beck.

A jobless aid measure clears a Senate hurdle.

24 car dealers are back in business in Minnesota.

Chief Justice John Roberts called President Obama’s decision to criticize the court at the State of the Union was very troubling.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants to ease international adoptions.

GOP Rep. John Kline writes an op-ed calling for lawmakers to start over on health care.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum writes an op-ed calling for an end to child marriage.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul said the census is asking too many questions. GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is mentioned.

2010 Race for Governor

Republican Marty Seifert will hold an 11 o’clock news conference to “unveil an important campaign endorsement.”

The Pi Press says the race for governor is focusing mostly on the party insiders.

Republican Tom Emmer creates a website to answer attacks from Republican Marty Seifert.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to Florida on Monday to raise money for the RGA.

Tennessee also appears to be on the schedule.

He’s also polling at the bottom of a 2012 poll in Iowa.

Dick Armey calls Pawlenty a “blank slate” (that’s good for Pawlenty).

A Frum Forum contributor says Pawlenty should keep campaigning.

Mitt Romney says the flip flop is hard to shake.

Calls targeting Rick Santorum surface in Iowa right before he gives a speech to influential Evangelicals.

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