Seifert fails to turn back renewable energy standards

A Minnesota House panel today rejected a bill to repeal the state’s renewable energy standards.

Rep. Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, said he proposed the repeal because he’s concerned the requirements on power companies to use more wind and other energy sources is driving up the cost of electricity. Seifert is a GOP candidate for governor, and he’s been facing criticism on the campaign trail for his 2007 vote in favor of the standards. His main rival voted the other way. Seifert said he didn’t understand the impact of the standards three years ago and will push for the repeal again if elected governor.

“I plan on pushing a repeal of a lot of the things I think are driving up the cost of electricity and utilities in the state,” Seifert said. “This is one of them.I have my name on this bill. But there are other thing I think, policies. I don’t want to make us an island in the sand of job creation.”

Seifert said he proposed the repeal this session because he’s been hearing concerns across the state, and this was his first year serving on the House energy committee.

  • RalfW

    Having attended this hearing, I would like to add that Seifert hearing concerns about rising rates is bogus.

    The law only goes into effect now. So any notion that rates are increasing because of the 25/25 RES are entirely speculative. There is no data to support what Seifert is ‘hearing.’

    What I think he’s hearing is the typical and unfounded bellyaching of pro-business forces that wish to operate in free-wheeling, unregulated markets that put no price on pollution, and have no concern for the welfare of the communities in which their moneyed interests operate.