Pawlenty headed to Tennessee, near bottom in Iowa poll

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to Tennessee in June, according to Blog 4 President. Pawlenty will be speaking to the Tennessee Republican Party’s Statesmen’s Dinner on June 25th.

Pawlenty also received just one percent support in a poll of 2012 candidates in the key state of Iowa. The poll, conducted by a conservative blog Rightosphere, shows former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with the most support. Here’s the preference from likely voters:

Mike Huckabee 21%

Mitt Romney 14%

Sarah Palin 12%

Tim Pawlenty 1%

Gary Johnson 0%

Undecided 52%

Important word of caution — The rate of undecided is huge in this poll. Also, it’s 2010 not 2012.

Pawlenty, who appears to be gearing up for a White House run, is making his second trip to Iowa on April 17th.

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