Howard Dean backs Rybak’s campaign for governor

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor turned presidential candidate turned head of the Democratic National Committee, announced today that he’s supporting Democrat R.T. Rybak’s campaign for governor. Rybak’s campaign manager, Tina Smith, said Dean contacted Rybak’s campaign to see how he could help. Rybak, the mayor of Minneapolis, was chair of Dean for president campaign in Minnesota.

The campaign will send out an e-mail to supporters tomorrow that includes a link to this video message:

“I’ve known R.T. for years, Dean said in the video message. “His record as Mayor shows he’ll be a great Governor. He’s shown that he doesn’t just talk about progressive change, he knows how to deliver creating jobs, setting the right priorities and making government work again for the people it’s supposed to represent.

R.T. is the kind of progressive who will make sure that the decisions he has to make at the State Capitol, which won’t be popular and won’t be easy, do not hurt the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Dean’s endorsement could bring some support among DFL delegates interested in health care (Dean is a former doctor) and those who supported Dean’s 50 state strategy as DNC Chair.

But it could also open an avenue for criticism. Expect the MNGOP to raise the Dean scream in a reply to the endorsement announcement.

  • Scott Anderson

    This is great! R.T. has a strong record of results as Mayor, and he will be a competent and engaged Governor.

  • PoliJunky

    So what if the Mayor got some national support? It is actually about time he got some attention…finally! Margaret Anderson Kelliher is already ahead in this game. She received national support from Emily’s List long back and with that came the support of many national figures. I think organizational national support is much tougher to gain with and Margaret received it with gold stars.

    Lets not forget MN’s future is at stake in this Governor’s race at these unusually, dire economic times in our history. Right now, we need someone who know the state of Minnesota best, its problems, and how to propose solutions to them. This experience is exactly what Margaret has. So, I won’t be placing any importance on this endorsement for Rybak.