Eastlund to retire

GOP state Rep. Rob Eastlund announced in his local paper that he won’t run for another term. Eastlund, of Isanti, was first elected to the Minnesota House in 2000. He is the lead Republican on the Local Government Division. In his letter to the paper, Eastlund said the workload is one of the reasons he’s stepping down.

The relentless schedule of the legislative session, special sessions, phone calls, and family interruptions and the never-ending campaigning have left little time for my family or anything else.

Eastlund also wrote that he hoped the political environment at the State Capitol becomes less partisan:

Minnesota is facing some very difficult times. God is not a Republican nor is He a Democrat. More than ever before, we need principled leaders who look to God for the wisdom to work past partisan differences to make the right decisions for our state and our nation so we can have the prosperous bright future filled with hope that we are promised. I look forward to working with my successor and doing whatever I can to assist in the transition.

Eastlund now joins a growing list of lawmakers who have decided to hang it up.

Here’s my list:

Minnesota House

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher

DFL Rep. Karla Bigham

DFL Rep. Jeremy Kalin

DFL Rep. Cy Thao

GOP Rep. Rob Eastlund

GOP Rep. Marty Seifert

Minnesota Senate

DFL Sen. Steve Murphy

DFL Sen. Jim Vickerman

GOP Sen. Steve Dille

GOP Sen. Pat Pariseau

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