Budget bill 1: How the gov candidates voted

The Minnesota House passed a conference committee report this morning that cuts $312 million in state spending. It passed on 76-55. The debate was interesting since several Democrats, including gov candidate Tom Rukavina, criticized the cuts as too harsh while Republican gov candidate Tom Emmer said the cuts don’t go far enough.

Here’s how the candidates for governor voted on the bill in the House:

Democrats voting yes:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Democrats voting no:

Tom Rukavina, Paul Thissen

Republicans voting no:

Marty Seifert, Tom Emmer


DFL Sen. John Marty, who is running for governor, voted for the bill. It passed the Senate 44-23..


Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung says he’ll sign the bill:

“Our office reached an agreement with legislators over the weekend regarding the first budget bill. While the Governor would prefer the DFL present a complete solution, we can’t force them to do it, so we’re doing our best to work with what they’re offering.

“As always, we will do a final review of the bill language, but as long as there are no unforeseen problems the Governor plans to sign the bill.

“Moving forward, the DFL should keep in mind that we’re not going to raise taxes, so phases two and three are going to require significant additional cuts in order to balance the budget.”

  • Shuffling around money that is ALL created from debt is a futile farce. Minnesotans deserve better

    leadership that the current flock of non-achievers. When I am elected Governor in November 2010, Minnesota will get a great manager and together we will implement the Davis Money Plan to rescue our state.

    Leslie Davis


    P.S. Call me to speak with your group.