A delayed endorsing convention prompts more running mate speculation for Brod

Republicans in Minnesota Senate District 25 and House District 25B endorsed their respective legislative candidates on Tuesday night. But the delegates in House District 25A delayed their endorsing convention.

No big deal right? Not when it’s GOP state Rep. Laura Brod, who some say could be Tom Emmer’s running mate in November.

Brod said a decision to hold the endorsement closer to the end of the legislative session was “made quite a while ago.” She said her last two endorsing conventions were held after session was finished and added reporters shouldn’t read too much into the delay.

As for being Emmer’s running mate, Brod downplayed the chances but didn’t totally rule it out. Here’s what she said when asked about the chance that she could be on Emmer’s ticket (Note: Brod is on Emmer’s seach Lt. Gov. search committee):

“I don’t think anybody runs for Lt. Governor. My job right now is to help Tom Emmer find the best Lieutenant Governor that there is and that’s what I’ve been focused on.”

“I’m no Dick Cheney. I’m here to find that person and I haven’t been put on the committee to make that person me. I’m going to be out there doing what we already started to do, which is to find a good fit, to find somebody who can transform government and make that role more than just about cutting ribbons.”

“My job really is not to find myself of Lieutenant Governor. My job is to find the best Lieutenant Governor for Tom and that’s what I’m focused on doing.”

All of that being said, Emmer would still have to pick Brod as a running mate. No word on when he’ll make a decision.


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