Super Saturday

Today is a big day for 2010 candidates. Republicans meet today to select more than 800 delegates BPOU conventions across the state. There are also more than twenty DFL local party conventions going on today.

There are plenty of reports on convention activity on Twitter.

Those who want to follow the GOP contests should follow the hash tag #supersaturday.

Those who want to follow the DFL side should follow the hash tag #goDFL.

Today is critical for many of the campaigns to get their key supporters to the State Party conventions but it won’t determine the final outcome. Since it’s unlikely that none of the candidates for governor in either party will attract the needed sixty percent support, the hand to hand combat at the state party conventions in April will determine the endorsed candidates.

  • Roger Applegate

    Good news, Nathan Hansen got the 55A MN GOP nod. He’ll be a solid “no” vote against those DFLers and RINOs who want to put us in permanent debt servitude.