Steve Smith splits the baby in half

This morning, Republican Tom Emmer announced a slate of state lawmakers (including newly elected GOP state Sen. Mike Parry) who are publicly backing his campaign for governor. One of those members is GOP state Rep. Steve Smith of Mound.

The problem is Emmer’s top GOP rival, Marty Seifert, says on his website that he’s backing Seifert.

Emmer’s campaign manager, David Fitzsimmons, said Smith told them that he was going to back both Emmer and Seifert.

“If Marty is going to use it in his total, we might as well as use it on our ledger too,” Fitzsimmons said.

I stopped by Smith’s office to clarify but he wasn’t there to comment.

Smith called me back with this comment:

“Previously, both gentleman have asked for my name for their campaigns. I said yes to both. I’m running for the delegate to the state convention for my senate disctrict 33. I see both Seifert and Emmer have both endorsed me on their slate of delegates so I’m pleased that they both endorsed me.”

When I asked who he backed in the straw poll or will back at the State Party Convention, Smith referred me back to his original comment.

  • WOW! Smith backs Emmer and Seifert for governor! Finally some excitement in the gubernatorial race.

    Leslie Davis for Governor 2010

    P.S. Will Minnesotans really elect an insurance company lawyer or lifetime legislator? I doubt it.