Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll, Pawlenty finishes fourth

Texas Congressman Ron Paul won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 31 percent of the 2395 registrants polled picked Paul. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney finished second with 22 percent support. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin finished third at seven percent. Gov. Tim Pawlenty finished fourth with six percent support. Pawlenty tied with “undecided” (6 percent) and just ahead of other (5 percent).

The crowd booed when Paul was announced the winner at CPAC.

Government spending was by far the biggest concern of those polled.

Here’s a bad sign for Pawlenty and the other candidates — A majority of those polled (53 percent) said “they wish the GOP had a better field of potential candidates.”

You can read the full results here..

Update: Romney won the 2009 straw poll, with 20 percent support, followed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal with the support of 14 percent of those polled. Paul and Palin tied for third at 13 percent. Pawlenty was second to last in 2009 with 2 percent support.

  • Gera Rosy

    I wish to correct your comment “The crowd booed when Paul was announced the winner at CPAC.” A small minority in the crowd booed while the majority smiled with delight or cheered. Ron Paul would not betray his followers as does Obama. He would not accept bribes as does Obama.He would not enrich the banksters and war profiteers as does Obama. He is everything that the buffoon Obama is not!

  • Thanks for posting the poll questions and results.

    While the Presidential Straw Poll gets the headline, there are some other tidbits of note. Only 6% felt the most important issue was to lower taxes with 12% selecting it as the second most important. Thus while we hear of the need to cut taxes, this group does not deem that to be as important as “reducing the size of the federal government” and “reducing federal spending” … and the newsworthy item of the week out of the Obama Administration was to establish a Simpson/Bowles National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform … hmm, maybe Obama does get it.

    At the bottom of the list with a whopping 1% was “stopping gay marriage” and “reducing health care costs”. Is it the weighting of young respondents (48% were students) that probably encounter more homosexuals in their daily lives and are covered by their parents insurance that drives this low number ? Obviously, they do not run a business and incur the whopping insurance premiums. For that matter, who paid for them to go to Washington to attend this conference ?

    So what cuts would this group want to reduce federal spending … DOD with 19% of the budget … or Social Security with 20 % (which last time I checked was still running a surplus in the current years) or Medicare with 13% … hmm, let’s remember those Healthcare rallies and the theme “Don’t touch my Social Security and Medicare” and the Republicans now campaigning on protecting seniors … and the fact that Medicare Part-D was a Bush program. The Republicans may have as big a problem as the Democrats on these issues.

    With the commission created by Obama at least he is trying to address the issue.

    Now, to the Presidential Straw Poll. Does it really mean anything … is CPAC reflective of the general voting public much less the Republican Primary voter? OK, so Pawlenty can boost how he tripled his vote tally in only one year (from 2 to 6) but isn’t the real concern that 53% of the respondents wish they had a larger field … and that Jim DeMint had the most favorable status (73 Fav 8 Unfav) … if DeMint decides he wants to run, Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC will be sending its money to South Carolina.