Pawlenty headed back to New Hampshire

Governor Pawlenty reported on his Facebook page today that he’s headed back to New Hampshire, the state that holds the first presidential primary in the nation:

The Manchester Republican Committee invited me to keynote their Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner on March 25. I’m glad to do it — it’s a great event that will help Republicans win in 2010. Can any Granite Staters tell me when the ice-out is? Would be fun to also play some hockey while I’m there.

This is Pawlenty’s second trip to New Hampshire since he announced he wasn’t seeking a third term. He attended a fundraiser for Republicans in New Hampshire’s state Senate. He has visited roughly twenty states since he announced he wasn’t running for governor again. You can view his out of state travel here.

Update: Pawlenty also sits down with Esquire to talk politics. It’s a six page interview.

  • I’m suprised he didn’t give his State of the State address from New Hampshire ( or Iowa or Taxas or Florida …)