Pawlenty buys some Alabama goodwill, but who paid for it?

On the same weekend that Sarah Palin was collecting a $100,000 appearance fee from the Tea Party Convention, Gov. Tim Pawlenty was the courier for a $100,000 check to the Alabama Republican Party.

On Friday, Pawlenty gave a 25 minute speech to Republican activists in Montgomery, AL. Before Pawlenty spoke to the group, Alabama GOP Chair Mike Hubbard announced that Pawlenty showed up at the speech Hubbard told the audience of about 700 GOP activists that Pawlenty hand-delivered a $100,000 check from an unnamed donor.

“Gov. Pawlenty told him ‘Well, I’m going to speak in Alabama and I know Gov. Bob Riley and I’ve heard with what they’re doing in the Republican Party. I think they’re going to make a a real difference. They have an opportunity to take the House and Senate for the first time in over 100 years and he urged him to support our efforts because he thought it was a great investment. So when Gov. Pawlenty came through the doors of the hotel today, he brought with him a check for $100,000. It’s made to the Alabama Republican Party. So not only is Gov. Pawlenty not charging us, he’s bringing money with him. He’s our favorite speaker.”

Philip Bryan, a spokesman for the Alabama Republican Party said Pawlenty’s check came from a donor, but he wouldn’t disclose the individual’s name. He said the funds were earmarked to help Republicans win the Alabama House and Senate and would comply with disclosure laws. Bryan then referred other questions to Pawlenty’s spokesman. Pawlenty’s spokesman referred me to the Alabama Republican Party.

It looks like the next filing deadline for campaign finance activity in Alabama is April 12th.

  • Eric Ferguson

    Something smells. Pawlenty gets to play the hero with some unnamed person’s $100,000 check — doesn’t this seem at all suspicious? Not only is this person making a huge donation anonymously 9but I’m sure they’ll want something for all that cash), but that helps Pawlenty too, since now they owe him for getting them that money. Please keep digging on this story.

  • Debra Hogenson

    I read an article this week in “The Nation” magazine. The article’s premise is that democracy is being destroyed by a political system addicted to campaign fundraising. My first impression was that the article twas houghtful but a bit hyperbolic. Reading your news about Pawlenty presenting a GOP group with a large check from a secret donor when Pawlenty will benefit from the support of said group in fulfilling his presidential ambitions, makes me think perhaps the Nation wasn’t exaggerating after all.

  • J Gibson

    And who paid for the trip???

  • gbear

    Talking Points Memo confirms that Houston home builder and swiftboat funder Bob Perry provided the check to Pawlenty:

    “It’s perhaps not surprising that Pawlenty, a top 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, would have been hitting Perry up for cash. Perry helped ensure Pawlenty’s re-election as governor in 2006 by funding Stronger America, a conservative 527 group that ran a blizzard of ads attacking Democrat Mike Hatch, Pawlenty’s opponent, the paper adds.

    But that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Perry’s financial support for conservative causes. In 2004, Perry was the largest single donor to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which helped sink John Kerry’s presidential hopes. Perry gave the Swift Boaters $4.45 million, and gave a total of $8.1 million to 527 groups that election cycle.”

    Stay classy, Tim.

  • rose hunter

    A bagboy is all Pawtry is worth, too. I-m from Minn. and this putz let the I 35 interstate bridge fall into the Mississippi River while he sucked up to the imported PUKIE BROWN SHIRTS, with that egregious sports PALACE . GAG! Jesse Ventura did a much better job than this PUTZ.