MN Women’s Political Caucus backs Gaertner

The Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus announced that it’s backing Democrat Susan Gaertner’s bid for governor. Here’s the release from Gaertner’s campaign:

  • (St. Paul, MN) DFL Governor candidate Susan Gaerter was delighted to receive the endorsement of the Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC) Saturday night in St. Paul.
  • “I am very honored to receive the endorsement of a great grass roots organization of home-grown Minnesotans,” Gaertner said. “They have done a lot for giving women a voice.”
  • The endorsement came at the group’s annual meeting and was based on a vote of the statewide, multi-partisan membership of the MWPC. The group also endorsed candidates for other Minnesota races at the same meeting.
  • The MWPC was founded in 1972 and has been endorsing candidates for over 30 years. MWPC lobbies on issues of concern to women at the legislature and provides a variety of programs for women involved or interested in becoming involved in politics. This has been done by targeting, endorsing, contributing funds and volunteers and working to publicize women’s campaigns.
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  • Sharon Anderson

    For the Sake of Curiosity How many other Candidates were Interview?

    Susan Gaertner aka 1st Husband aka Mrs. John Wodele has made a mockery out of any persons Tax Fight in Ramsey County Affiant is the only one of 3 thousand propertys to challange.

    When County Attorneys circumvente tax laws for political Influnce the Public must be apprised.

  • Charley Underwood

    I cannot for the life of me understand this endorsement. Gaertner has no constituency that I can see. She is running as a Democrat, but seems to take her marching orders from one of the most right-wing Republicans in the state: the infamous Ramsey County sheriff Bob Fletcher. Gaertner has no support from any voters or any group, except for a few grudging endorsements from fellow county prosecutors and one state representative (who is also a neighbor, as far as I can determine). She has no qualifications for endorsement, except her gender. The Women’s Political Caucus has wasted any potential influence it might have had in the governor’s race and lost any shred of credibility that they might have previously had.

  • Brian

    To answer Sharon’s question:

    Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher was also screened and in attendance for last night’s endorsement process.

    Brian Madigan

    Communications Director Susan Gaertner for Governor

  • Say What????????