Hann backs Seifert

GOP state Sen. David Hann, who was a candidate for governor until last week, announced today that he’s backing Republican Marty Seifert’s campaign for governor. He said Seifert is best equipped to win the general election.

“As I said throughout the campaign when I spoke with delegates, we have to make sure that we don’t just win an endorsement but win the general election,” Hann said. “At this point, I think Rep. Seifert has best opportunity to do that.”

Republican state Senators Joe Gimse and Bill Ingebrigtsen also announced that they’re backing Seifert. Gimse defeated DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson in 2006. Ingebrgitsen defeated DFL Sen. Dallas Sams in 2006.

Seifert said all three candidates are “folks who know how to win.”

Seifert also said it was “fine” that his top GOP opponent, Tom Emmer, formed a search committee. He said he had his own private search committee to help him select his running mate, Rhonda Sivaraja, but “did it on our own without having a press conference in regard to it.”

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