Grams backs Emmer

Emmer grams.JPG

Former U.S. Sen. Rod Grams announced today that he’s backing Tom Emmer for governor. Grams, who served one term before losing to Democrat Mark Dayton in 2000, said Emmer is best suited to make the right decisions regarding the state’s budget.

The news conference was held today in Duluth. Grams is known in Minnesota’s eighth congressional district because he made an attempt to defeat DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar in 2006.

Here’s audio of today’s news conference:

Side note: I reported earlier that Emmer would take part in MPR’s Midday debate. Emmer’s campaign notified MPR News two hours before the forum that he would not participate.

Thanks to MPR’s Bob Kelleher for sending the audio and photo to me.

  • Tom Emmer hides from the fact that he is an insurance company lawyer. Emmer has taken an oath of “fidelity” to the judiciary and would not be capable of managing the Executive Branch of government. Lawyers already control the Judicial Branch of government in addition to controlling both the House and Senate judicial committees.

    It’s time for a real person to be governor.

    It’s time for Leslie Davis.


  • Vinny

    Has Grams paid off his bad debt from his contracting business? Is he still married to his former campaign manager that he dumped his wife for, or is he going out with another staffer these days? How about his jailbird son? Is he still in prison?

  • John Anderson

    With the abysmal fundraising numbers posted by Tom Emmer today ($19,000 cash on hand, with $6,000 unpaid bills), it’s clear he is not top tier as a candidate and that Seifert is the only one (with $262,000 raised) that can go toe to toe with the Democrats.