Emmer not focused on picking a running mate

It’s been a hectic day but I wanted to post Tom Emmer’s comments regarding his decision on a possible running mate.

Emmer said he’s not focused on selecting or screening candidates at this time. He said he’s more worried about on convincing delegates to back him at the party convention.

“I think this happens in sports all of the time. People who are coaching are trying to change their game plan based on what the other team is doing. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re going to stay on focus on what we’re going to do and we’ll continue to raise the level of the discussion as far as the Republican endorsement is concerned.”

Emmer made his comments after his top GOP rival, Marty Seifert, announced that he picked Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah as his running mate. Both Emmer and Seifert say they’ll drop out of the race if party activists don’t back them at the State Party convention on April 30th.

  • Minnesotans have had enough of promoting professional politicians to higher office after they do a lousy job. Seifert and Emmer are the front runners of the Republican with a handful of party activists, NOT with the greater Republican Party. Republicans love the Davis Money Plan and they will elect me as governor to implement it. It means jobs, protected environment, state of the art transportation, and a lot more. Seifert and Emmer are the same old same old.

    Leslie Davis. Republic(m)an for Governor 2010


  • James

    Your act is getting old Leslie Davis. I am sure you are a brilliant man – guess all we have to do is ask you…