Democrats vow to override expected veto of GAMC.

Shortly after Pawlenty announced through a spokesman that he would veto the bill, three Democrats in the Minnesota House lined up outside reporter’s doors to say they won’t stand for it. DFL Representative Paul Thissen of Minneapolis said Democrats, hospital officials and advocates for the poor will work to convince three Republicans to override.

“They’re going to be hearing from their hospitals and their communities and I think for that reason we are going to pick up the votes to override this veto and we should.”

38 Republicans in the House voted for the bill but GOP House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers promised his caucus will uphold the veto. He said he thinks any solution to the program should be included in a plan to fix the state’s $1.2 billion budget deficit.

“We think it’s part of a bigger budget solution. This should be a part of it, the GAMC fix or a new program should be a part of that fix. We’re going to work together again, just like we did with this version of it to find a solution that not only the governor can agree to but the house and senate can agree to as well.”

Democrats have a veto proof majority in the Minnesota Senate so the true test will be whether House Democrats in the House can muster the votes needed to override.

  • John O.

    Good luck with finding those Republican votes. Whether the DFL realizes it or not ( and I do not think they do), they gave every Republican but nine of them a free pass to vote “for” restoring GAMC funding. Now, those Republicans can go home to the local country club and brag about how they voted to help out “the little guys” out there.

    Of course, everyone–including the janitorial staff–knew full well that this bill would be vetoed. And the Republicans know full well that anyone who votes to override becomes a pariah.