Thissen raises $253k in ’09

Democrat Paul Thissen’s campaign for governor reports that it raised $253,000 in 2009.

Gia Vitali, Thissen’s campaign manager, said Thissen also loaned $20,000 to the campaign in 2009 (Update: The 253,000 number includes the $20,000 loan). She said Thissen has roughly $85,000 left in the bank. Since Thissen formed his campaign committee in November of 2008, he’s raised $370,000. Here’s the news release:

Bloomington, MN — Rep. Paul Thissen’s campaign for governor announced today that it has brought in more than $370,000 from nearly 1900 donors since beginning the campaign just over a year ago.

“I am incredibly grateful and encouraged by the financial support of so many Minnesotans from across the state, especially during these difficult economic times,” said Rep. Thissen. “Their support has strengthened my commitment to building a better future for Minnesota’s families.”

“Our fundraising success shows once again that Paul’s message is reaching voters across Minnesota and our campaign continues to grow,” said Gia Vitali, Thissen’s campaign manager. “The generosity of our donors has allowed us to hire a strong field team to complement our growing and enthusiastic volunteer base. We have come farther, faster than any campaign in the race, and we are confident that our momentum will keep growing right through the general election in November.”

Thissen looks forward to receiving the endorsement of the DFL party at the Convention in April, 2010 and has pledged to abide by their decision. “I strongly believe that I am the candidate who can unify our party following the convention this spring and take back the Governor’s office for the DFL in November,” said Thissen.

During the campaign, Thissen has traveled extensively across Minnesota, visiting 83 counties and talking to thousands of Minnesotans. In October 2009, Thissen received the endorsement of the Minnesota Nurses Association. Thissen chairs the Health and Human Services Policy and Oversight Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives.