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A state employee union will hold a news conference today to discuss budget cuts.

Hospital officials and others fear that there could be reprisals if they join the unallotment lawsuit.

Minnesota ends the much heralded drug import program. It was initiative spearheaded by Gov. Pawlenty in 2004.

Forum Communications says legislative leaders agreed to a $1 billion target for the bonding bill.

Transit supporters are concerned that revenue may not meet past projections.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and several DFL lawmakers are making another push for foreclosure mediation.

Special election

Republican Mike Parry apologizes for his inappropriate tweets but hasn’t fully come clean about the ordeal. The DFL Party Chair wants more from him. Read the apology and listen to the DFL Party Chair’s newser here.

2010 Race for Governor

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is scheduled to hold a news conference at 11 this morning to tout the city’s historically low crime rate. He may be answering more questions about last night’s triple homicide.

Democrat Matt Entenza says his campaign for governor raised more than $300,000 in 2009. His campaign also said he donated $10,000 of his own money and loaned the campaign $70,000. Entenza’s contributions are excluded from the $300,000 figure.

Democrat Mark Dayton tells MinnPost that no one can guarantee sobriety.

There are two DFL forums scheduled for this week.

Politics in Minnesota says the I-P Chair is trying to convince a former MN Supreme Court justice to run for governor. The Party Chair has been working to convince plenty of people including former GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad, Marilyn Carlson and others.


DFL Sen. Al Franken visits an elementary school in St. Paul to tout his bill that would help recruit and train principals in high-need schools.

Franken hits the six month mark.

Politico says President Obama ends his first-term in office with the second lowest approval rating of a president (since polls were taken). The lowest was Ronald Reagan.

President Obama honors two Minnesota teachers.

Politico says it’s unlikely that the Democrats will lose either chamber regardless of the retirements.

GOP Rep. John Kline appeared on Fox Business to criticize the health care negotiations.

Kline and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are calling for a voter referendum to approve same sex marriage in Washington D.C.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen pushes for a cap on medical devices tax.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says the 2010 Home Grown Economy Conference will be held in Marshall in February.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Missouri will be the 19h state on Gov. Pawlenty’s travel list since he announced in June that he wasn’t running for a third term. He’s speaking at the Missouri GOP’s Lincoln Days Dinner in February.

Mitt Romney will visit New Hampshire.

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference will host a 2012 straw poll and the findings will be significant in the 2012 race.

2010 Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Tim Walz called Republican opponent Allen Quist’s comments distasteful.

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

A Ramsey County District Court judge grants access to restricted ballots.


Stephanie Schriok, who was Franken’s campaign manager in 2008, will be the executive director at Emily’s List.

  • Jamie

    I’m glad that MAPE is publicizing their ideas. All those political appointees, and other cronies who get non-appointed jobs by making it LOOK like they’re following hiring protocols, should get the boot to save the state lots of money. And it’s true that it’s Republicans who are always saying government should be smaller (or non-existent). But they’re first in line when their party’s public officials are handing out jobs. The same thing was true with the Bush administration.

    This quote by Pawlenty’s spokesperson in MPR’s story would be unbelievable if I hadn’t heard this kind of arrogant, mean-spirited stuff from him before: “A spokesman for the governor said there will be state employee layoffs because of the budget shortfall, and recommended the union lower its dues to provide relief to its members.”