The Daily Digest

The Digest, like many of you, took a break for a few weeks. Since it has been relatively quiet, I’ll update you on what you missed.

Last week, a Ramsey County District Court judge ruled Gov. Pawlenty;s use of unallotment crossed the line regarding the separation of powers.

You can read the Temporary Restraining Order here.

Pawlenty says he’ll appeal.

You can watch Pawlenty’s newser (as well as read other react) here.

Minnesota could lose a congressional seat when the 2010 Census is taken.

Minnesota schools are worried about budget cuts.

Budget cuts hurt probation efforts in the state.

2010 Race for Governor

Democrat Mark Dayton reveals a battle with alcohol and depression. But he doesn’t reveal all.

AP says Dayton hopes it’s his political revival.

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer said he wouldn’t take the PCR but did in past races.

MinnPost tries to handicap the governor’s race.


DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar visited troops in Afghanistan.

13 Republican Attorneys General threaten to sue over the health bill.

U.S. bound passengers will face increased screening starting today.

President Obama blames the Christmas terror attempt on Al Qaeda.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Mitt Romney puts Iowa on his schedule.

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