Rybak reports raising $138,000 in 2009

Democrat R.T. Rybak reports raising $138,000 for his gubernatorial campaign in 2009. Rybak’s campaign is the latest to report their fundraising totals before Monday’s deadline.

Tina Smith, Rybak’s campaign manager, says Rybak also loaned his campaign $10,000 but said those funds aren’t included in these fundraising figures. She also said Rybak’s gubernatorial campaign paid back his mayoral campaign $26,500 for a poll. The Campaign Finance Board ruled in November that the survey was designed to benefit a gubernatorial bid not the reelection campaign.

Here’s the release from Rybak’s campaign:

Rybak Raises $278,000 in 12 Weeks for Governor’s Race

January 29, 2010 (Minneapolis, MN) – R.T. Rybak’s campaign for governor announced today that it has raised a total of $278,000 in less than three months. This includes $138,000 raised during the last eight weeks of 2009 and $140,000 raised to date through January 2010. The Rybak for Governor Committee was created on November 5, 2009.

In addition, the Rybak for Mayor Committee, a separate committee, will report raising $389,000 from 2,457 donors in 2009. In total, Rybak has raised $667,000 in 13 months through these two separate committees.

“We are very pleased with the response to Mayor Rybak since this campaign started just 12 weeks ago,” said Campaign Manager Tina Smith. These fundraising numbers show this campaign has the capacity to raise the significant dollars it will take to win in November. R.T. Rybak is raising money at an amazingly fast pace.”

“Grassroots campaigns like ours are people-intensive, and the financial support we have gotten from Minnesotans has given us the capacity to put together an effective, strong team.

“We have thousands of supporters, including supporters in every county of Minnesota. Our volunteers are energized, and the people we’re meeting on the campaign trail are interested, engaged and ready to change what’s happening at the State Capitol.”

The Rybak for Governor Committee will formally file fundraising reports with the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board on February 1.

Other facts about the report include:

Number of donors in 2009: 488

Cash on Hand end of 2009: $25,000

Total number of donors to the Rybak for Governor Committee to date: 691

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