Rukavina releases campaign fundraising numbers

One of the Democrats running for governor has made an early disclosure of his 2009 campaign funds.

State Rep. Tom Rukavina, DFL-Virginia, announced today that more than 1,133 people contributed to his campaign last year. He raised over $135,000. The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board requires candidates to report their fundraising numbers by Feb. 1. Here’s Rukavina’s news release:


Virginia, MN (January 5, 2010) – Representative Tom Rukavina’s campaign for Governor has announced that over 1,100 citizens have contributed to his campaign and he has raised over $135,000 in less than five months. Rukavina announced his fundraising totals a month earlier than required by the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.

With at least 1,133 campaign donors, Rukavina has nearly equaled the efforts of fellow gubernatorial candidate House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Last week, in the St Paul Pioneer Press, Kelliher said she had raised money from 1200 people. “Hey, I’ve nearly matched her,” said Rukavina. “I’m not the powerful House Speaker or the powerful Tax Committee Chair, but I’m a powerful little candidate with a refreshingly honest approach with people. That’s why I am going to win.”

With over $60,000 cash on hand, Rukavina added, “We have just geared up our fundraising and we expect January to be our biggest month. We’ll have the resources to be very competitive at the DFL convention.”

Rukavina also said, “I’m not wealthy and I’ve worked in the legislature for the unemployed, college students, and families earning the minimum wage. I’ve stood up for buying American and economic fairness. My constituents aren’t the bankers or the Fortune 500 businesses. That’s why I’m so proud that so many average Minnesotans have supported me on this campaign. I’m in it to win for them!”

“I can’t afford a big contribution but Tom Rukavina’s passionate support of progressive issues motivated me to contribute what I could afford. I know him to be a sincere, hardworking, honest person,” said former State Representative Katy Olson of Sherburne. “As governor, I believe Tom will make a difference in the lives of average folks.”

Details on campaign contributions and expenditures will be available later this month and will be filed with the Campaign Finance Board.

  • DDay

    Tom is the Little Engine that Could. It has been a long time since we had a Governor with the gifts of this good man. He not only has the average working person’s best interests at heart and is willing to fight like a tiger, but has the ability to make us all smile at the same time with his wit and humanity. Having Tom Rukavina as our Governor would not only bring needed change but also would be more fun at the same time.