Pawlenty’s PAC raised nearly $1.2 million

A person with knowledge of Pawlenty’s fundraising told MPR News that Pawlenty raised more than $1.2 million between October first and December 31st of last year from over 2,750 donors. The committee has roughly $800 thousand in the bank after it spent funds helping Republican candidates including Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Rob Portman of Ohio, Minnesota’s Congressional delegation and Doug Hoffman, who lost a special election in a New York.

Phil Musser, senior advisor to Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC, issued this statement about the figures:

“As more people learn about the Governor, they’re really impressed by his record in Minnesota, and his natural ability to connect with people. He’s an optimistic, authentic leader with a conservative record of balancing budgets and passing innovative reforms. The PAC is off to a solid start, and we look forward to playing a big role in the ideas debate, and in supporting the next generation of Republican leaders.”

Pawlenty formed his political action committee in October because he said he wanted to expand his message across the nation and help elect Republican candidates this year. He has not ruled out a run for the White House in 2012. Many White House hopefuls create PACs like this as groundwork for a presidential run.

Pawlenty’s full FEC report has to be filed by midnight Sunday.

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