Pawlenty’s fundraising blitz.

Gov. Pawlenty is scheduled to have a busy month raising money. To date, he has at least six fundraisers on the books in January. Here’s a list of what we know:

On January 11th, Pawlenty was the featured guest at a fundraiser for David Carlson, candidate for MN Senate, on Jan. 11th.

Today, Pawlenty heads to Texas to raise money for his Freedom First PAC in Texas. His spokesman won’t provide any other details on the event.

Pawlenty will hold a fundraiser for the MN Senate Republicans on Friday, January 15th Thursday, January 21st in West St. Paul at 7:30am.

On Tuesday, January 19th, he’ll hold a fundraiser for his FreedomFirst PAC at the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis from 6 to 8pm.

He has two three fundraisers scheduled for Thursday, January 21st (update: see MN Senate GOP fundraiser above).

He’ll be bowling for dollars with the MN House GOP at the PINZ Bowling Alley in Oakdale at 2:45pm. He will later hold another fundraiser for his FreedomFirst PAC at O’Gara’s Restaurant in St. Paul at 5pm.

Pawlenty isn’t just using his physical presence to raise money. He also has a splash page on his PAC’s website urging supporters to contribute to Scott Brown, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

Please send me any info if you hear of political fundraisers of any kind. We like to keep tabs on the events.

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