Entenza campaign said it raised $300k in 2009

DFLer Matt Entenza announced that his campaign for governor raised “more than $300,000” in 2009.

Bridget Cusick, a spokeswoman for Entenza, said Entenza also gave a direct contribution of $10,000 to the campaign and loaned the campaign an additional $70,000. Cusick said those funds are excluded from the $300,000 figure and couldn’t provide the amount of money left in the bank. The fundraising reports are due on February 1st.

Entenza is the second candidate for governor to release fundraising totals for 2009. DFLer Tom Rukavina announced yesterday that he raised $135,000 in 2009 and has $60,000 left in the bank.

Here’s the release from Entenza’s campaign:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Matt Entenza’s campaign for governor announced today that it raised more than $300,000 in the 2009 reporting period.

Only two gubernatorial candidates have cleared this threshold in the off-year under the current campaign finance laws: Ted Mondale in 1998 and Mike Hatch in 2006.

“To pass this historic threshold with nine opponents, in a rough economy, is a tremendous achievement,” said Dana Houle, Entenza for Governor campaign manager. “We’re especially proud to have done this with no PAC money and just over one percent from lobbyists. It demonstrates people’s faith in Matt’s ability to win and to be a great governor.”

A few other facts about Entenza’s totals:

– Entenza filed his paperwork to enter the gubernatorial race in late January 2009.

– His total comes from more than 1,700 donors.

– Entenza is not a current office-holder, making his total all the more impressive.

– Entenza received no money through organizations that bundle contributions.

Matt Entenza is a leading Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) candidate for governor of Minnesota. His campaign revolves around three core principles: growing jobs all over Minnesota by focusing on the potential of the clean energy economy, providing better educational opportunities to our children and those seeking higher education, and ensuring health care for all. Entenza was a white-collar crime prosecutor prior to representing St. Paul in the Minnesota legislature for 12 years, including four years during which he also served as House DFL Leader and led the DFL to significant gains. In 2007, Entenza founded Minnesota 2020, a think tank that has been an important voice for progressive policy positions and which he chaired until April 2009. Entenza is a graduate of Worthingon High School in Worthington, Minn., Macalester College in St. Paul, and the University of Minnesota Law School.

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