Engbrecht leads money race in SD26

Democrat Jason Engbrecht leads his challengers in the race to fill a MN Senate seat that was left vacant after GOP Sen. Dick Day retired to become a lobbyist.

Engbrecht’s campaign finance report says he raised $20,645 and has $16,654 left in the bank. The DFL Party also gave Engbrecht a $1,000 contribution since the papers were filed.

Republican Mike Parry’s report says he raised $16,961 and has $8606 left in the bank. Parry reports receiving two contributions that total $950 since he filed his report.

Independence Party candidate Roy Srp reports raising $4602 and has $4432 in the bank.

The race has attracted attention from other candidates.

DFL Sen. Al Franken campaigned for Engrbrecht last weekend. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will campaign for him on Sunday. MN House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher will stop in at one of Engbrecht’s phone banks in Owantonna on Friday to visit with volunteers on her way to the Mankato debate.

Governor Pawlenty will campaign for Parry tonight. Two GOP candidates also campaigned for Parry. GOP state Rep. Tom Emmer campaigned with him on Saturday. GOP state Rep. Marty Seifert is door knocking for Parry today.

Former DFL Congressman Tim Penny and Former U.S. Sen. Dean Barkley raised money for Srp on January 9th.

The special election will be held on January 26th.

  • lance olson

    hopefully this liberal canidate gets less than 40 percent of the vote. he only raised so much money due to the unions that support liberal canidates.

  • Sally Jo Sorensen

    Mr. Olson should have read the reports, rather than posting his knee-jerk reaction.

    Engbrecht does indeed have labor’s endorsement after being screened by labor representatives who live in Southeast Minnesota. The report notes $1750.00 in labor PAC contributions.

    But the report also shows that Engbrecht raised more in individual contributions than did Parry, as well as receiving $2000 in contributions from the local county and CD party committees.

    The report thus suggests that Engbrecht has the support of individuals, local party activists and area labor.

    Perhaps the same dynamic that elected two DFLers to the state house from both sides of the district is illustrated by the fundraising reports.

  • http://www.minnesotacentral.blogspot.com Minnesota Central

    Reviewing the filings, more credit should be given to Mr. Srp.

    He has raised $4,332.86 from contributors and $100 from the IP party … but nothing from the public subsidy.

    Contrast that with Mr. Parry who has received $5,655 from individuals and $750 from political operations BUT the public subsidy money was $10,556.73.

    Mr. Engbrecht $5,835 from individuals with $3850 from political operations BUT the public subsidy was $11,010.68.

    One other interesting tidbit is that a former candidate for the Republican nomination for First District Congress is listed as a contributor to Mr. Srp.

  • Roy Srp

    Who is already working to balance the budget? Me