Dayton: “You have my story for the day.”

Former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton officially kicked off his campaign for governor today after being in the race for a year. After the announcement, Dayton took just three questions from reporters after parading six supporters up to the podium to introduce him. He also gave a ten minute speech.

Dayton said he wouldn’t take any more questions when I tried to follow up in the hallway. His response: “You have my story for the day.”

I’ll post video of his announcement and his brief q and a session when it’s converted.

Here’s Dayton’s speech:

Here’s his q and a with reporters:


The Star Tribune’s Rachel Stassen-Berger said Dayton told her “You can call me any time you want to ask as many questions as you want…You have my number.”

  • Jamie

    This story has a clearly negative, critical tone to it. So what if he took only 3 questions? Politicians do that all the time. He has a right to control his event. He knows that the news media will probably try to keep hounding him about his recent personal revelations.

    And to explain the disparity in his responses to you and the Strib reporter, I would offer that Dayton is probably familiar with how MPR favors Republicans, or at least bends over backwards to appease Republicans for whatever reason, and he is cautious about giving you ammunition.

    In about the last hour, I heard MPR deliver 3 stories that favored Republicans — one of which was the usual Pawlenty political commercial, this time for another candidate. No other point of view was offered. As usual.

  • Minnesota Central

    Mr. Dayton clearly has not heard of the election of Mr. Brown … he needs to be more open with the media.

    He also needs to publicize his schedule as the other leading DFLers have … a quick weekly check of this site can tell you who will tell us where to see them

  • Chris

    Out of curiosity, Tom, what did you want to ask him?