Coleman statement on Anderson’s decision

Former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman released this statement regarding Pat Anderson’s decision to leave the governor’s race. Get the tea leaves out. Here it is:

Pat Anderson and I have both served as Mayors and have had to make tough fiscal choices in order to create an environment for jobs and economic growth. The leadership necessary to balance budgets, while still ensuring that government performs its critical responsibilities, is a hallmark of Pat Anderson. While Mayors, we shared a common vision which brought labor and business and the private and public sectors together to get things done. We created more jobs, made our communities safer and, in the end, restored hope and confidence during the most difficult of economic times. I believe Pat Anderson will continue that commonsense leadership as Minnesota’s Auditor, and I heartily embrace her candidacy. In the near future, my decision about which path I intend to pursue to help Minnesota and its citizens address our state’s challenges and opportunities will become clear. But, it’s clear that we must find common ground among Democrats, Republicans and Independents on the great issues of our day. Minnesotans need jobs. Together, we must find a common path in which government is a catalyst for job creation, economic growth, environmental protection and quality education for all of our children. We must find a common path in which we address the fiscal challenges that threaten our economy, and our state’s future. I look forward to being a part of that debate about Minnesota’s future in whatever role I believe is most beneficial.

Update: I was working on some other things this morning and didn’t realize Marty Seifert released a statement on Anderson as well. Here it is:

“I enjoyed traveling the state with Pat the past several months. She has been a consistent and strong voice for constitutional and limited government. I want to thank Pat for her contribution to the Republican Party during this campaign and wish her well in her bid for Auditor.”

Tom Emmer also told MPR News that he agreed with Anderson that he’s well positioned to pick up some of her supporters. But he said it won’t be automatic.

“Pat has a very loyal group of supporters. And to a person, they would tell me, look Tom, Pat is my pick, you are a very strong second. And I think now with Pat’s decision to run for auditor, it’s our job to become a very strong first.”

  • DavidD

    Someone tell Emmer that you can’t start sentences with “And.”

  • Mr. Coleman’s statement sure sounds like an announcement … which leads to the question, can he win the MN-GOP primary as the Eibensteiner OpEd (and being confronted in SD-15 speech) sends a clear message that winning the party’s endorsement will be extremely difficult.

    Has the Independence Party reached out to Mr. Coleman … a DFLer turned RINO could easily make one more political switch … and win in a three-way contest.

  • tom scheck

    For the record, Emmer’s comment was taken verbatim during an interview. Seifert released a written statement (he also commented to MPR for the radio).

  • I know that you have been criticized in your FACT CHECK columns (Dayton, Bakk, Emmer,) but I believe they are great journalism … it gives us a chance to learn more about their claims … more information is always good.

    That said, reading Mr. Coleman’s response citing both their experiences in making “tough fiscal choices” , I wondered are the financial implications the same today. In other words, how much have LGA cuts and other switches impacted those cities ? Did Mayors Coleman and Anderson have a lot more to work with that the current mayors do not have ? The obvious comparison would be to Mr. Rybak in Minneapolis.

    Just an idea … and even if you don’t pick up this idea, PLEASE keep doing the FACT CHECK reporting.