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Gov. Pawlenty criticized federal spending during a trip to New Hampshire. He charaterized it as a “ponzi scheme.” He also ratcheted up his attacks on President Obama – fueling speculation about a run in 2012 (in case you needed it). MPR, the Star Tribune, the Union Leader, the Concord Monitor and the Pi Press have stories.

Pawlenty also called for federal spending limits earlier in the day.

You can listen to Pawlenty’s full speech here.

Pawlenty also said he will no longer endorse in contested primaries.

ECM profiles First Lady Mary Pawlenty who doesn’t mind being called “my red hot smoking wife.”

Under the Dome

The state’s teachers union complained that the Pawlenty administration is trying to use federal stimulus dollars to force schools to adopt the governor’s merit pay plan.

The PUC will examine expenses for the state utilities.

The state wants its money back from the Gang Strike Force.

A panel will present a plan for a new Vikings stadium today.


A group tallies the health bill’s benefit for Minnesota.

The Senate rejects a plan that would allow low cost drug imports.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar says the health care bill isn’t perfect but should pass.

DFL Sen. Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment survives.

The House narrowly approved a jobs plan. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar’s office says his transportation bill is included in the bill.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann called the bill “dastardly.”

Bachmann said her rising profile also helps the 6th District.

2010 Race for Governor

The DFL drought is the third longest in the nation.

Backers of Republican Marty Seifert attended a fundraising event in Marshall.

Republican Tom Emmer criticizes the use of federal funding for a new laboratory calling it a “science fair project.”

Taconite workers back DFLer Tom Rukavina for governor.

Democrat Mark Dayton campaigned in Willmar.

2010 Race for Legisltaure

AFSCME decided it’s time to back another DFLer in Winona’s House District instead of DFL Rep. Gene Pelowski. The reason was Pelowski voted against a bill that would increase taxes by $1 billion.

  • Jamie

    How many times do we have to hear about Pawlenty because MPR’s reporters and editors think he said something clever? I’ll bet that the primary reason that Pawlenty’s New Hampshire speech is such huge news today for MPR is because he said “Ponzi scheme” and “my red hot smoking wife.”

    Other news outlets do this, too. Politicians who put together clever words are usually the biggest news of the day, or of the week. I excpect journalists to be way less shallow than that, but I am often disappointed.

  • Has there been any reaction to this comment on the Mary Pawlenty profile :

    Republicans have struggled to attract educated professional women, said University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute Political Science Professor Larry Jacobs.

    Is it a backhanded slam at elected officials like Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau who may not have all the degrees that others have ?

    Or how about recognizing those “educated professional women” like current candidate for Governor … Pat Anderson who has a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s degree in public administration from Hamline University.

    Or, current Minnesota’s only female Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann who has a law degree.

    If the GOP is having troubles it might be when comments are made by fellow Republicans like Tim Pawlenty going after Senator Olympia Snowe suggesting a litmus test standard to determine who is a Republican.

    Isn’t the reality that ALL parties are having trouble getting competent people to challenge incumbents … especially with the vicious attacks on the candidate’s family. (See Norm Coleman and his complaints about attacks on his wife).

  • tom scheck

    Boy, you’re right Jamie. I think maybe you should do something about this. First off, make sure you’re “fired up and ready to go” when you get all of your supporters together to complain about this.

    Some of your supporters may not hear you when you first start talking to them. Make sure you say “I can hear you,” and “The rest of the world hears you” too.

    You should then march to the offices of the media elite and yell “Read my lips,” “It’s the economy stupid!”

    The media elite will probably say something like “There you go again” in which you can respond with “You remind me of that TV ad, where’s the beef?”

    You can then make your case that you want to see the “shining city upon the hill.” But you have to remember, “unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent.”

    So really, it’s up to you. “The buck stops here.” “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    Make sure you say to yourself and your supporters “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” when you start this crusade…

    It’s not like history remembers these quips or revolutions were started because of them.

    I even have a slogan for you: “Don’t tread on me.” Oh, wait, you’re not into that…