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The recession could help Minnesota keep a congressional seat.

A new study shows Minnesota gets benefits from major league teams.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty met Tuesday with Minnesota Vikings owner Zygy Wilf.

The governor also called a special election Jan. 26 to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of state Sen. Dick Day, R-Owatonna.

State agriculture officials are holding listening sessions.

Medical marijuana debate heats up in Wisconsin.


President Obama wants a Senate vote on health care before Christmas.

Minnesota Senators Franken and Klobuchar were upbeat after a health care meeting with the president.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke against the health care bill at a Tuesday rally.

Congressman Tim Walz has questions about the troop buildup in Afghanistan.

The education department’s inspector general responds to Congressman John Kline’s request for a review.

President Obama likes home insulation, a lot.

2010 Congress

Education Minnesota has endorsed Tarryl Clark for Congress in the 6th district.

Congressman Collin Peterson says speculation that he’s retiring is wrong.

2010 Governor

The legal ramifications of House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s recent gubernatorial campaign misstep are unclear.

Rep. Tom Emmer has added to his gubernatorial campaign leadership team.

The DFL Veterans Caucus is backing R.T. Rybak for governor.

A new study finds age matters when running for governor in Minnesota.


Gov. Pawlenty is in New Hampshire tonight to give a speech at a GOP event, and test his appeal for 2012. MPR’s Tom Scheck will be there too, so stay tuned.

Pawlenty wants limits on federal spending.

The Sarah Palin tomato incident in Minnesota prompted grocery precautions in Utah.

  • Jamie

    More free commercials on-air and on-line for Pawlenty, curtesy of MPR.

    Minnesota Pawlenty Radio.

  • Karl

    MPR is sending Tom Scheck to New Hampshire to “report” on Pawlenty’s pandering to the GOP base there? I guess MPR’s budget isn’t as needy as the pledge drives would have you believe. What a waste of good talent and money.

  • Jamie

    There was a poll taken recently that showed that most Minnesotans don’t want Pawlenty to run for president. I’m guessing that most of the people who expressed that opinion would also say they aren’t interested in the sort of saturation coverage of Pawlenty’s run that MPR has been doing, and they’re not interested in hearing what amounts to Pawlenty-for-President ads that often air when they report on what he’s doing.

    MPR is so excited about the possibility that Pawlenty could run for president — more so than other news outlets seem to be. That would be surprising if MPR hadn’t so lovingly reported on him for the last decade.