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The Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy Subcommittee on a balanced budget will meet today. We’ll see if any new budget related news emerges. Stateline says Minnesota isn’t the only state dealing with bad budgets.

MPR says a possible date breach exposed the names of state employees and their private information. Minnesota asked state agencies to stop using the company that may have exposed the names.

Minnesota’s treasury feels the pinch of pay cuts.

Wisconsin legislators say Minnesota has rejected their proposal regarding Tax reciprocity.

Two Minnesota legislators are attending the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MNPublius, a DFL leaning blog, says GOP state Sen. Dick Day, who is leaving his office to be a lobbyist, does lobbying work in his state office.

The big screen TV flap ends with a verbal reprimand to the person who runs the Regional Sex Offender Treatment Program.

2010 Race for Governor

Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher said she made a mistake by directing donors to help pay for her use of a DFL voter database. The MNGOP filed a complaint with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. MPR, AP, the Pi Press, MinnPost and the Star Tribune have stories.

Education Minnesota will likely wait until after the February caucuses to back a candidate for governor.

Speaking of education, MPR takes a look at where the candidates for governor stand on No Child Left Behind. You can listen to the interviews on the subject here.

Stonewall DFL backs Democrat Matt Entenza for governor.

The Pi Press looks at the DFL claims to tax the wealthy.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak supports high-speed rail through Rochester.

MinnPost profiles Rybak.

WCCO also interviews Rybak.

Here’s where the candidates will campaign this week.


President Obama will meet with the nation’s bank executives today and will urge them to lend more. His advisers gave stern warnings on Sunday.

He also told 60 Minutes that he expects the Senate to pass health care reform by Christmas. Here’s the interview.

The Climate Change conference hits the final week.

The Senate passes the federal spending bill.

The White House says the recession is over and hiring will increase.

The White House says the GOP is rooting against the recovery.

The House passed a historic financial services overhaul.

The Mayo Clinic doesn’t like the plan to expand Medicare. Neither does Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Minnesota Democrats are slow to back a troop surge in Afghanistan.

Local Somalis condemn a suicide bombing.

The rally came one day after the FBI met with Somali leaders.

Forum Communications says DFL Rep. Collin Peterson gets more pork than DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar.

The Hormel Institute gets $1 million.

Peterson, who was scheduled to go to Denmark, isn’t going after all.

Here are some of the Minnesota earmarks in the Senate bill.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

The Tea Partiers in Iowa are eyeing Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Mike Pence. The chair of the Iowa Tea Party Patriots said this about Pawlenty:

“As far as other contenders go, Rhodes says Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty faces the challenges of low name recognition and possible associations with the GOP establishment.”

Pawlenty also does an interview with a New Hampshire outlet.

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey says Pawlenty “is standing on the safest ground” among GOP 2012 candidates.

Pawlenty interviews with a Chicago Tribune columnist. Part of the focus is Spam.

The Washington Post says GOP governors could build the GOP. Pawlenty is mentioned.

This op-ed in the Wall Street Journal says forget the Sam’s Club Republican that Pawlenty touts. Instead, he says court the Whole Foods Republican.

2010 Race for Congress

A Republican enters the race to challenge DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar.

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