Pawlenty met with GOP bigwigs in New Hampshire

The Manchester Union-Leader is reporting that Gov. Pawlenty had a private dinner with several Republican leaders in the New Hampshire House:

“According to House GOP spokesman Jim Rivers, Pawlenty received a “history lesson” on the New Hampshire primary. They also discussed legislative issues.”

The newspaper also reports that Pawlenty met for an hour with the Ted Gatsas, Mayor-elect of Manchester and several members of the New Hampshire Young Republicans. Gatsas says a potential Pawlenty run for president never came up.

Pawlenty has not ruled out a potential run for the White House in 2012 and may be working to secure some support in New Hampshire if/when he decides to run.

The meetings come after Pawlenty spoke at a fundraiser for Republicans in the New Hampshire State Senate.

  • peter hill

    What most intrigues me about the Franken-cuts-off-Lieberman story is that you, and your media brethren, even bother to report such triviality. The media splash on it typifies the triumph of form over substance that reporting on the health care issue has become.