Mark Dayton talks about depression, relapse

Former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton says the depression and ongoing struggle with alcohol he disclosed over the weekend are part of who he is, but that they don’t define him.

Dayton first revealed his relapse in his recovery from alcoholism in a column in Sunday’s Star Tribune. Dayton says he started drinking late in his lone Senate term and checked himself into a treatment center for a week.

But he says the problems have never influenced his policy decisions. He says he can overcome them and be an effective candidate and governor, if he is elected. He says he hopes people will see the depression and alcoholism as “a small part of who he is,” but he says “people will have to assess it for themselves.”

In an interview with MPR’s Tom Weber, Dayton says he wants to talk about the future and that he will formally launch his campaign next month.

Here’s Tom’s interview.

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