Franken statement on Senate health vote

The U.S. Senate voted to pass a sweeping health care overhaul bill earlier this morning. It passed 60 to 39. The measure has to be reconciled with a companion House bill that passed last month.

Here’s DFL Sen. Al Franken’s statement on the vote:

“Too many Minnesotans – too many Americans – are suffering as a result of our broken health care system,” said Sen. Franken. “The legislation that the Senate just passed today will bring health coverage to an additional 295,000 Minnesotans by 2019 and give millions more the peace of mind that they will no longer be one diagnosis, one accident, one pre-existing condition, or one pink slip away from losing health coverage. This bill does not fix all the problems with our health care system, but it will help begin to bring down costs and is a significant down payment toward the goal of quality affordable health care for all Americans.”

You can also listen to Franken’s final Senate floor statement on the bill: