Dayton says more to come on tax issue

Last week, we reported on Mark Dayton’s proposal to “tax the rich” and how the plan, as Dayton described it during campaign appearances, could make Minnesota’s income tax rate the highest in the nation.

Today, Dayton sent a letter to Dr. Paul Wilson complaining that Wilson shouldn’t have examined his tax plan. For the record, MPR requested Wilson examine the plan, since Dayton has repeatedly cited Wilson’s Tax Incidence Study.

In the letter, Dayton said he hasn’t released his full tax proposal yet, which Wilson made clear in my interview with him.

I sent an e-mail to Dayton asking when he would release his official tax proposal but haven’t heard back yet. Update: Senator Dayton said he has no release date set at this time.

Here’s Dayton’s letter:

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I appreciate the information you have provided my Policy Director, Brian Klaas, regarding your department’s Tax Incidence Study and the calculations emanating from it. However, I take strong exception to your characterizing those discussions as my tax “proposal” to Mr. Tom Scheck with MPR or any other party. The fact that your misrepresentation has now appeared in second major news story (the Pioneer Press) further heightens my concern.

For the record, I have neither developed nor made public any “proposal” regarding a specific remedy for Minnesota’s current tax unfairness. I intend to do so in the future, and I hope that we may rely upon you as a continuing source of expertise, as you would provide to any inquiring member of the public. I respectfully request, however, that you refrain from serving as a source of public information about my future tax “proposals.” I’m sure we both agree that is not an appropriate role for you.

I will be sending a signed hard copy of this letter today as well.


Mark Dayton


Mr. Tom Scheck

Mr. Bill Salisbury

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