Building and Construction Trades Council backs Bakk

A source with the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council says they will announce later today that the union is backing DFL State Sen. Tom Bakk for governor. The source asked to remain anonymous because the news release hasn’t been issued yet. The union is the voice for unionized construction workers in Minnesota. It has fifty thousand members.

This is Bakk’s second endorsement. The Northern Central State Regional Carpenters Council are also backing him.


Here’s the release:

Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council endorses Bakk for governor

The Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council, which represents 50,000 construction members across the state, has endorsed Sen. Tom Bakk for governor.

Council President Harry Melander said Bakk is hitting the nail on the head with what’s happening in the economy and what’s on the minds of voters with his campaign message of “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

“More than any other industry in this state, construction is experiencing brutal unemployment,” Melander said. “Tom knows firsthand what our members are going through, and will fight for jobs for them and their families.”

A carpenter for 34 years and a former union leader, Bakk said this endorsement is very personal to him. Bakk has worked with union members and their employers to build Minnesota’s homes, businesses, schools, churches, roads, and bridges all across the state.

“My Brothers and Sisters have seen how hard I’ve worked to improve their standard of living and allow them to retire with dignity,” Bakk said. “They know I have a passion for putting people to work and understand our state needs a governor who will make job creation the top priority.

“This is a huge endorsement from a powerhouse of an organization.”

Bakk said he looks forward to the Council’s help in getting the word out about his experience and determination to get Minnesotans back to work. With unemployment reaching 50 percent for the construction industry, Bakk said many have a front-row seat to what is happening to Minnesota’s deteriorating economy.

“I have been unemployed, and I understand that the most important thing to workers is that on Friday they have a paycheck to take care of their families’ needs,” Bakk said. “As chair of the Senate Tax Committee I know we need jobs to create the revenue needed so we can invest in education, health care and priorities that provide long-term prosperity. As a candidate I know we need jobs because that’s what’s on voters’ minds. The person who connects with voters on this issue will be the next governor.”

The Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council is the third union endorsement for Bakk; he was endorsed by the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters and Duluth Building and Construction Trades Council earlier this year.

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