Bachmann wants a Palin book


Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she’s not yet ready to back a 2012 presidential candidate.

Bachmann briefly talked politics with reporters this morning following a GOP State Capitol rally in support of a proposed constitutional amendment to cap state spending. The 6th district Republican said she will be at a private fundraiser tonight that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is also scheduled to attend following her Mall of America book signing.

“I hope I can get a book and maybe get it signed,” Bachmann said.

Palin is widely viewed as a possible GOP candidate for president in 2012, as is Gov. Tim Pawlenty. But Bachmann isn’t picking sides, yet.

“I like both of them, ” Bachmann said. “They’re great. Of course I’m very partial toward our own governor. I think he’s marvelous, but I love Gov. Palin. And I’m sure that there will be a lot more choices out there as well. So, I’ll withhold judgement as to who I’ll be supporting.”

As far as her own political aspirations, Bachmann said her focus is on running for re-election in 2010.

  • Donald Hyatt

    With this statement I now know who is the most ignorant person in the Republican Party. I used to former Governor Palin was, but now that Congresswoman Michele Bachman wants her autograph she has moved to the head of the line. Perhaps this will assure a spot on the VP list for Palin. An unbeatable ticket for the tea baggers.

  • Thomas G Williams

    I want SARAHs autograph …. on a confession of her treasonist supporting agenda against the rule of law and the UNITED STATES, might as well get one from MICHELE too.

  • They both mentally challenged!

  • Rob Vukovic

    Dumb and dumber, you pick the line-up!

  • Jim Jomes

    Lets see, that book will cost Ms Bachman the full price, the photo of the both of them will cost her $13, the autograph is free, the association will cost her her job.

  • If there is any justice (or sense) left in the U.S. government and by its voting populace, Sarah Palin will not be on a 2012 ticket and Michele Bachmann will not win come re-election time.

    The idea of either of these women making it further along in politics must be a sign of the end times.

  • Karl

    Did any news reporter happen to ask Bachmann what she’s done for her district lately? Or why she wants to be re-elected to represent a district in which she’s rarely seen?

  • millie

    You put Michele and Sarah brain’s together and you got a mess.

  • songbird

    earth to michelle – she’s no longer gov palin

  • Greg K., PA

    Palin/Bachmann 2012 dream team. Can you imagine the chaos? It would be beautiful and President Obama could spend his time attending to matters of state rather than wasting time campaigning. The election would be over before the debates.

  • ASM

    I worked hard since the ’60s to break barriers for women – I’m really ashamed of these two women. Why do we celebrate stupidity and ignorance?

  • idesign

    Sarah rising, Obama falling.

    Life is good!!!

  • Sue

    Will she also have to pay for a photo like the regular folks?

    Dumb & Dumber II:

  • Nancy, Ojai

    Me thinks Palin and Bachmann are twins separated at birth.

    How else could they both be such idiots?

  • John

    Sarah-Michelle ’12!!! They will DESTROY Barack the socialist!!

  • Tammy

    Wow, after reading the vile comments here, I realize why I stopped giving money to MPR and NPR.

    Your listeners and supporters think of themselves as intelligent and open-minded people, but they’re really just a bunch of despicable, haters.

  • keng52

    Palin/Bachmann….. Now there’s a pair to draw to!!!!!

  • DP

    That’s gonna be one roomful of bat $h*t crazy!!!

  • tom scheck

    Folks, remember to keep the comments clean on this site. I opened up the comments so we can have an honest discussion about the issues, etc. Remember that your best weapon on this blog is your wits and don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother or daughter to read.

  • Mike

    Breath! Come on, you can do it! I know liberals start to hyperventilate at the mere thought of a, dare I say it, get ready now, a conservative minded woman who has her act together, but two of them in the same hemisphere let alone in the same room just may put any liberals within 100 miles into a comatose state. Breath now, expell your breathe and just breath. Its all going to be OK.

  • Mike

    Liberals would NEVER accept a woman who thinks for herself. Unless they fall into the party line of the baby killing, anti- American rhetorical garbage of most liberal wonks they are no longer even considered to be real woman. How could they be and still never want to give up their babies to a knife.

  • ¡Crazy meets insane!

  • spiderz

    LoL @ the RAH! RAHS!! for Palin/Bachman in 2012….couldn’t wish for a better combo for the Democrat/Liberals cause! Do IT, Please. 🙂

  • grf67

    Bachmann is even less intelligent than palin. The people of Minnesota can do better and the GOP is in a real mess if these are its spokeswomen.

  • Rogo99

    Somebody out there elected her-twice.

    Please get the word out about her challengers and get her the &*^*%$ out of Congress.

  • x

    Bachmann is awesome. read for the truth about what is going on with the current administration.

  • Bree

    “Liberals would NEVER accept a woman who thinks for herself. ”

    Please stop referring to the GOP as “liberals”.

  • jjden

    Wow….almost like a trailer for a reprise of the movie Dumb and Dumberer…..Michelle and Sarah getting together. Or Godzilla meets Mothra.

  • morgan 1

    The perfect ticket for 2012 will be this fool as VP on the Palin ticket–Can’t wait!!

  • Medhi

    Palin is just like Bachman, but way too cool with bailouts etc. .Thanks for the website, what an incredible site with all the real info exposed. Keep on with the fight!