Senate health bill cuts medical device tax

The Senate health care overhaul bill released today reduces the size of the medical device fee in the bill. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s office says the size of the bill has been reduced from $38 billion to $20 billion.

“Right now we must be doing everything we can to promote job growth,” said Klobuchar in a news release. “I fought to reduce the fee on medical device companies and am pleased to see that the Senate bill reduces this fee by $18 billion.”

Republicans are certain to say that the medical device fee remaining in the bill is still too high. Several, including Gov. Pawlenty and GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen, want the fee completely eliminated. That being said, they don’t want the health care bill passed into law either.

  • Nicholas Steblay

    This is a blatant lie. The House Bill is taxing the medical device companies $20 billion. Amy has done nothing for the Medical Device businesses in America. This is spin and completely dishonest. Shows you where Amy’s heart is.