Politico: keep an eye on Minnesota’s 6th district

There are a lot of big contests in 2010. And the race in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District is already getting national attention. Politico lists Rep. Michele Bachmann’s bid for a third term as one of 10 contests to keep an eye on. Here’s what Charles Mahtesian had to say about the 6th:

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann drives Democrats batty with her in-your-face conservatism, yet no matter what they throw at her, she still seems to end up on top. In 2008, Democrats thought she wouldn’t be able to recover from her sensational October cable-television comment that Obama “may have anti-American views.” Almost $2 million poured into her Democratic rival’s campaign as a result. Still, Bachmann managed to pull off a narrow victory. This time around, bolstered by progressive online activists who detest Bachmann, Democrats are hoping to mount an even more aggressive effort to dislodge the two-term congresswoman. But that hasn’t stopped Bachmann, who recently described Democrats’ health care plan as the “crown jewel of socialism.” And Bachmann won’t be an easy mark – she’s amassed an army of small donors and attained rock-star status on the right, which is just as eager to return her to Congress as the left is to send her back home to Minnesota.

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