Pawlenty on Obama: “I’d give him a bad grade.”

It would be news if Gov. Pawlenty said he’d give Obama “good grades” wouldn’t it?

Gov. Pawlenty appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night on Fox News. Hannity, a constant critic of President Obama, chucked plenty of softballs Pawlenty’s way.

During the show, Pawlenty criticized President Obama’s health care plan, his strategy regarding the war in Afghanistan and the deficit. Hannity also repeatedly asked Pawlenty to “grade Obama” (ball on tee). Pawlenty said “it was one of the biggest bait and switch schemes in modern American history.” Pawlenty also gave his standard response when asked about his presidential aspirations. Watch the video here:

Pawlenty is also scheduled to hold a December fundraiser in Chicago for this PAC according to the Chicago Young Republicans twitter feed (h/t Rachel Stassen-Berger)

  • MN guy

    Tpaw giving out “bad grades” is like Bernie Madoff handing out ethics in business awards.

  • leeann Overman

    Pawlenty is giving out grades!….I would like to grade him on his job here in MN….Oh, he forgot he had a job here in MN….He would get a big F from me. Will not be supporting him in the future.