GOP plans rally for spending-cap amendment

Minnesota Republicans are planning a State Capitol rally next month in support of Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s proposal for a constitutional amendment.

Pawlenty recently outlined a plan to cap the state general fund budget at the level of revenue actually received during the previous budget period. He wants voters to decide next fall whether to add the budget language to the state constitution. Update: The rally is scheduled on the same day that the Senate Tax Committee has scheduled a hearing on Pawlenty’s proposal. Here’s the state GOP release about the Dec. 7 rally:

St. Paul- Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton and Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb today announced that the Party will hold a rally on December 7, 2009 in the Capitol Rotunda in support of Governor Pawlenty’s Spending Accountability Amendment to cap state spending with the legislative sponsors of the amendment, Representative Paul Kohls and Senator Amy Koch.

“I support the Spending Accountability Amendment because it’s just common sense that spending should match income. On December 7, I look forward to joining with fellow Minnesotans at the State Capitol to make our voices heard on this important issue,” said Senator Amy Koch.

“To secure Minnesota’s future, we need this amendment on the ballot in November 2010. We need to keep government spending under control. We need to keep the Democrats from enacting massive unsustainable spending,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton.

“It seems we are always waiting until the last days of the legislative session to agree on how much to spend. It’s time we put a stop to that approach. If we know from the start the maximum amount that can be spent, we can focus on actually setting priorities, reforming government and spending taxpayer money more effectively. We need to stop debating how much to grow government and start talking about how we can best create jobs for Minnesotans,” said Representative Paul Kohls.

“The time has come for this amendment. I’m sure the special interests and the Democrat big spenders won’t like it but it is absolutely the right thing to do for the future of our children,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb.

Spending Accountability Amendment Rally with Senator Amy Koch, Representative Paul Kohls, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton and Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb.

Capitol Rotunda

December 7, 2009

9:30 – 10:00 AM

Most of the Republicans running to succeed Pawlenty have embraced the proposed constitutional amendment. But a recent Taxpayers League of Minnesota questionnaire found two GOP candidates, Leslie Davis and Phil Herwig, oppose the idea. Herwig offered this blistering critique:

I could not disagree with the Governor more! I suspect he is proposing such measures for purely political reasons. My opinion is this is being done because he wants to be President and he is trying to make himself appear attractive to conservatives. It’s a shell game! Gov. Pawlenty will not have to deal with the financial mess he helped create, when the new governor takes office after next year’s elections.

To me he is running away from Minnesota. Look at what he has left us with after seven years in office. In the upper midwest states we are the highest in income taxes, property taxes, business taxes, sales tax, and workman’s comp rates. In workman’s comp, his administrator, the former House Speaker Steve Sviggum, is alleged to preside over a walking, breathing, living mess, with no improvement of the situation in sight.

What we need is to cut spending, cut taxes and a constitutional amendment to require a supermajority vote in the legislature on all tax bills.

These elected officials have got to stop playing games with our money and our lives. They are not sent to St Paul to rule over us. They are sent there to serve us! – Phil Herwig

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