GOP candidates for governor debate in St. Paul.

The Minnesota Government Relations Council held a GOP governor candidates forum this afternoon. The forty minute forum focused on government spending, taxes and the economy.

State Rep. Tom Emmer of Delano, state Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie, former State Auditor Pat Anderson, former state rep. Bill Haas and state Rep. Marty Seifert of Marshall took part in a fifty minute forum. They discussed government spending (all say greater cuts can occur), taxes (all oppose increasing revenue but at least one – Anderson – favors raising some taxes broadening the sales tax while cutting others) and the economy (they say cutting government regulation will foster a better business climate).

The newsiest part of the forum occurred when moderator Sarah Strong asked if any of the candidates would sign a “No Tax increase pledge.” All declined saying the public knows that they oppose tax increases.

You can have a listen to the forum here (note: the candidates don’t identify themselves so here’s the order during the first appearance: Pat Anderson, Bill Haas, David Hann, Marty Seifert, Tom Emmer):

  • I wonder why they didn’t invite me. Afraid?

    Of what? The people who don’t invite me to their debates or forums are the epitome of anti-Americanism. That is, they don’t let the people get all the information but arrange it the way they want it. Mao to come on this.

    Leslie Davis for Governor