Bachmann gets standing ovations at conservative conference

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann attended the Restoration Weekend conference in Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend. The event appeared to be a who’s who of conservative activists and conservative leaders. Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly and Ann Coulter are just some of the names in attendance. But it appeared that Bachmann got the biggest ovation for saying Al Franken stole the election and she’s the “left’s number one target.”

Conservative blogger Steven Rosenblum had this snapshot from Bachmann’s appearance:

The best and most well received speech was given by the fantastic Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. She made no secret of the fact she believes Al Franken stole the US Senate election from Norm Coleman. She spoke of being the left’s number one target (maybe number 2 after Sarah Palin), speaking as a victim, but pointing to the fact that the left knows it’s ideas are failing and that their arguments fall short, so they attack the messenger. Bachmann got 3 standing ovations from a receptive audience that obviously would like to see her lead the conservatives back into the leadership of the House GOP. After her rousing speech Rep. Bachmann was inundated by the crowd, looking for photo-ops and the chance to shake her hand and thank her for her efforts.

  • Dave Palen

    Waiting for vile comments by all the liberals going wild. She may be out there, but there is no room to talk when we also have Al Franken and Keith Ellison.

  • Richard Prince

    Yawn! What a snooze.

  • Ben Erickson

    i know she’s divorced from reality but, to actively say that your state’s electoral system has been compromised and your senator is a fraud is a new low.